Skype Now Available on Verizon Multimedia Phones

By | May 22, 2023

In August, 2010, mobile phone provider Verizon began making Skype available on several of their multimedia phones. Until this time, Skype was normally found on smartphones, such as the Android and Blackberry. Now, however, those using Verizon’s LG enV Touch, LG Chocolate Touch, or the Samsung Reality, can all access Skype through the BREW platform. More models are being considered all the time, so watch this space for an app coming to your phone soon.

People familiar with the technology have already found that Skype is one of the least expensive ways to make calls, but many thought this applied only to Skype-to-Skype calls. While it’s true that Skype-to-Skype calls are free, it’s also the case that Skype calls to non-Skype landlines and mobiles are among the most economical in the industry. Parents are invariably concerned about their student-child heading off to college, or on some long-distance journey, not staying in touch. Money that Mom and Dad would like to see spent on the odd call home is more likely to be spent on a good night out. Boyfriends and girlfriends fear that once their dearly-dearly becomes their dearly departed–not in the mortal sense, of course–that communication will cease, and the relationship will suffer untold damage. This need never be the case again. Now, it’s true that Skype to non-Skype calls can eat up Verizon minutes, but it’s equally true that some of the best value to be had is for those needing to make international calls. While international phone cards, and many plans offered by various providers, offer a low cost-per-minute rate to many international destinations, Skype allows unlimited international calls, to landlines, for a low, fixed cost per month. As just one example, even if 100 calls were placed, via Skype, to Mexico City, the cost would be a paltry $6.99.

There’s no need to worry about ever missing a call while running Skype. The app runs in the background, and performs exactly the same as it does on Verizon’s smartphone, so stories of Skype call quality not being up to the same quality and standard of “regular” types of calls are well wide of the mark. To download the mobile app on the Verizon models already mentioned, i.e. the LG enV, LG Chocolate Touch or Samsung Reality, just text SKYPE to 2255. Start enjoying savings on those long distance calls today.